"The snapshots fill in the gaps in the stories as the starting point of a narrative path, of an own and personal language"

The natural and urban environments of my last 25 years have been transformed into projects and stories based on ideas that arise in my head, the permanent search for answers to questions, beliefs and thoughts, an introspection of futures based on the present .

Daniel Agra Sánchez, Terrassa (Barcelona), 1969. Son of emigrants, at the age of 17 he moved to live with his family in the city of A Coruña. Self-taught, always learning, he will explore the world of photography through nature.

Influenced in his childhood by masters such as Miró, Tàpies, Dalí and Gaudí, in this new stage he combines photography with his profession for 25 years as a supplier of raw materials for designers and fashion firms, where he discovers and is influenced by great masters of all the disciplines.

This allows his photographic work to escape from any rule and convention, seeking his own personal style, currently framed in Fine Art and Abstraction.



  • What is photography for me? … A creative art with an enormous and deep force of expressive feelings, a poem without words that escapes from rules and conventions, the search for a gap with the objective of a personal style, personal and without guidelines, which sometimes tends to elude skill. in its description, telling things that I cannot express in any other way because I cannot find the words, and that in visual terms sometimes materializes in different results, transforming, adapting or interpreting a reality.
  • The external opacity does not capture the authentic reflection that is the way of seeing, a direct link that only reverberates with the soul.
  • Knowledge is not complete in the intellect, without the roots that support and nurture it, so the flower of thought germinates.
  • Stay true to your own ideas of the creative process, seek individual balance in the duality between light and shadow, because in photography not everything is light, if you dance in that contrast, you will discover that in the dark you can see the stars and the moon .
  • Human rights belong to all people, we are not born hating because of race, sex or gender identity, who is loved and who is not, what is innate is understanding, compassion, tolerance and love, treatment among equals is true freedom and humanity.
  • I firmly believe that the world we knew or seemed to know is gone, but it is our choice to maintain humanity, since it is humanity and humanity alone, as in art, that is brimming with passion.
  • Dancing is the language of the spirit, enhancing the beauty of the word, a throne where the reign is more music and more poetry.
  • I sincerely believe that I do not fit much into this world based largely on the presumptuous, superfluous and self-centeredness, for me a virtue.
  • We are insignificant elements in the universe of everyday moments, where the big and the small are analogous, engendering and modeling a perpetual visual poetry.

About Creativity

  • With creativity, the certainties that spring from a reality and imagination of each unitary element in a collective environment are assumed, something necessary and fundamental to build bridges of understanding. We are human beings and most of them are adapted to building preconceived unicist walls of thoughts, criteria and learned ideas, without the approach of curiosity, doubt and the search for their own, personal and unique criteria, which ultimately are what they create enriching collective bridges.
  • Know by heart. No person will be better for knowing and having a piece of information permanently in their memory, because the real goal is to teach them to think, to doubt, to ask themselves questions, since the answers are not the truth, they seek a truth that will always be relative. Creative and curious people always have new questions, they always have questions, which on the other hand have been repeated since the Greek philosophers, when, where, what, who and why, resort to memory that is only to remember the questions that we we did when we were kids. What will be behind the mirror? That is the source that emanates in the oasis of knowledge.

About the Imagination

  • Like a tree that creates itself, a book is a journey through the imagination that creates unique moments.
  • Imagination is the induction and conception with generosity and detachment of creativity, forming an inseparable part of reality, seeing things that others do not see and that allows all the senses to be stimulated, making us more human.
  • Nature is not only an extension of our imagination, it is the imagination itself.

About Abstractions

  • Abstraction is the first step to activate imagination and intuition, extracting the essence and its most emotionally pure form and without dogmatism, an anarchic, rebellious, sensitive and unconventional replica, while through our eyes, we make visible a reality of the world. that we cannot describe otherwise.
  • What is real is not the external form, but the essence that forms the original elements of the beauty of existence. Abstraction is a principle of the human essence itself.
  • Nurturing the imagination, a form of experimentation and exploration of the emotional power of purity.

About Arts

  • Art has the power to awaken emotions in those who see it, raising questions through colors and shapes, activating creativity and giving voluptuousness to the imagination, because no matter who you are, your interpretation from your personal criteria, can lead you to fight for change and make a significant impact on the world.
  • Imagination, creativity or inspiration, is the expression of feelings where words do not exist.
  • Art is a reflection, that is why photography can be at the same time art, history and document of the environment and the living beings that inhabit it.

About Gallaecia

  • I rest in the aroma of its vital conception, a tapestry of soft shades and perceptions of emerald green and humid ochres, clinging to the stone with its thickness, treasuring the secrets of water, the legends of the forest and magical prophecies.
  • It was among the whisper and fertile aroma of the ferns, that I learned about primitive, unexplored and virgin nature, about the essence of perpetuity.
  • The landscape is an emotion, art forged by the water of a new life, a mysterious process that defines us as human beings along with our own existence, a legend, an unrepeatable universe, since there is never another like it.

About Cloudscapes

  • Chimeras of the wind, wonderful portal for imagination and creativity, but the fundamental thing is to feel its impulse, strength and direction, which you will know by rising and seeing beyond the horizon.
  • Vincent Van Gogh once said that to understand blue you have to first understand yellow and orange. I don’t want to reproduce exactly what I have in front of my eyes, but I arbitrarily use color and shapes to express myself more strongly.

About Tesseract Daydreams

  • The dream of a day trying to understand a space in the world, the beginning of a fervent state, an impetuous feeling that I barely understand with a term devoid of the desires of human beings.

About the Optical Filters of Own Development

  • See the basic sensations of the world through the eyes, postulating moments reflected in the conscious mind, taking them to the subconscious and consolidating them into a real snapshot.

About the Mothers

  • It resides in the heart and soul, not in knowledge and wisdom, it is a force greater than the laws of nature, the masterpiece of creation, a magic word in any language and the most beautiful of humanity.

About the Golden Hour

  • Catching a moment with the camera, you manage to fix it with relative indifference in a machine, but the true essence is to catch its dance perpetually and the sublime is to fix it in the soul.

About the Museums

  • They are spaces of joy, an experience of living in the world where things are not as they appear to be, the culmination of love for sublimity, a watchtower raised above the dark crossroads, worlds and encounters.

About COVID-19

  • As if looking at the blue sky above our heads, what keeps us alive, are the nuances with which we paint the absolute belief of better times.

About the wars

  • Possibly we live the historical moment with more information and with less knowledge. Past experiences should generate some kind of awareness about what happened. Wars are brutal, decadent, depraved, miserable and useless, causing among other misfortunes the desolation, involution and destruction of the human being itself. Beyond borders, countries, languages, tongues and ideas, the true nationality of the human being is humanity.
  • We live in a globalized world in which problems travel from one end of the planet to the other in seconds. Conflicts have plunged the human being into the deepest and most absolute decadence for centuries. The peaceful coexistence of human beings is achieved through understanding, not through force. Any form of violence, especially war, is brutal, useless and stupid, totally unacceptable as a means of resolving disputes between nations or people.
  • Man is the only living being capable of repeating the most violent history, without learning of all its consequences, therefore, in each generation there is always someone who believes he is destined to remake the world, without understanding that the main task is to prevent the world from falling apart.

About Homeless People

  • A puzzle is not complete if one piece is missing, just as a society is not complete if one of its pieces is missing. For them, a special day is just any day, because as always, like every one of the 365 days of the year, their life on the streets will continue to be the same, deprived of access to a job, a home and the financial resources necessary to their livelihood, security and protection. Regardless of a decent life, a home, work, food and shelter, the generosity of a few words of affection and a smile is the most desired by many human beings.

About the soil

  • It is important not only to reflect on the importance of taking care of our soils, but also to create doubts about what is established, it is to take actions so that it becomes a reality and does not continue to be destroyed, giving rise to new certainties, because of all the gifts that nature generously offers us, the soil is the essence and the beginning of human life.