Gallaecia Perpetua


Water and Life are the same because they work in a unique and perfect cycle, "matter is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed" in a constant space-time lapse. We contemplate the water, we feel the awakening of an intuitive knowledge of life, we perceive its power of destruction, but the most important thing is its power of transformation, that continuous change that opens the doors to other realities that transport us along the paths of the worlds. of imagination and freedom. This last path is one of the main problems of the current human being and that impetuous desire that he has to delimit, not only the objects of his life but also the concepts of his mind, pretending to encompass everything in his hand, and thus life will be It escapes "like water through the fingers", while it continues on its way...

  • Portfolio | L’Œil de la Photographie

  • Published 100 [HUNDRED] VOL. 02

  • Published “Photography in the Visual Culture 2021″ | MUSA International Art Space

  • Published FotoNostrum Magazine | Spotlight Issue #1