haik[U]nkei - Collection


haiku [] short japanese poetry.
unkei [] cloud formations, cloud-shaped.

haik[U]nkei [] Proposal of a dance in the universe of the senses, a search for the exquisite, exceptional and unique, it is not something that one finds, but something that one creates.
The stuff dreams are made of, they are the imaginary of the sky with its disfigured, tumultuous and scattered past, but to encompass them you have to look up and begin the journey to the place where the forms of the world are deposited, a canvas to see more beyond a limitless horizon, and thus magic makes an eternity out of nothing, forming an inseparable part of the reality of life, connecting the seemingly unconnected when kissed by light, desire and emotion change the world and possibilities become limitless, becoming the eye of the soul, making us infinitely more human.

Framed as abstract art and therefore, with a completely open meaning, it is a Cloudscapes Proposal from visual and narrative poetry. Its intention is to create sensitive and symbolic experiences, through the narration of underlying stories or themes, producing a personal contemporary emotional and artistic response in viewers. Expression of the essential, profound and sublime, its philosophical generating concept is the beauty of the simple.

Visual and Narrative Poetry composed of 3 photographs and a Haiku, limited and certified to only 3 copies per collection and poem.


Pictures: 10x15


Haiku Poem: 10x15 Framed


Presentation: Cotton bag of 30x40


Signed Certificate of Authenticity and Holographic Sticker

Analog photographic development by lambda system on Fuji Crystal DP II Matte paper, which achieves the highest standards of sharpness, brightness and saturated and intense colour