The stuff dreams are made of, they are the imaginary of the sky with its disfigured, tumultuous and scattered past, but to encompass them you have to look up and begin the journey to the place where the forms of the world are deposited, a canvas to see beyond a limitless horizon, and thus magic makes an eternity out of nothing, forming an inseparable part of the reality of life, connecting the seemingly unconnected when kissed by light, desire and emotion change the world and possibilities become limitless, becoming the eye of the soul, making us infinitely more human.

LightJet print on Ilford baryta paper, soft gloss, barium sulfate coated. Classic baryta paper and the most modern laser exposure create the ideal conditions for black and white photos, with a vivid white tone and a neutral image color, an excellent combination of bright whites and intense blacks, which give the image an inimitable aura and a shine guaranteed for 75 years.


Interiors Approx: 40 x 60,4 cm
Outside Approx: 50,8 x 71,2 cm
Includes a 5 cm white border


original 1/1


Signed Certificate of Authenticity and Holographic Sticker



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