A discord and dispersion create the quality of an object and the space it occupies, a new incomplete and limitless form through chaos and arbitrariness, endowing it with elegance and uniqueness, an aspect of imperfect reliability and moving us through of its volume, perceiving objects and shapes in the same way that we perceive the breeze, hear sounds and smell fragrances, a way of understanding the world of evanescence and of existence itself in its transience, the permanent search for visual imbalance, of beauty and understanding of the world. Nothing is complete, nothing is perfect.

LightJet print on Ilford baryta paper, soft gloss, barium sulfate coated. Classic baryta paper and the most modern laser exposure create the ideal conditions for black and white photos, with a vivid white tone and a neutral image color, an excellent combination of bright whites and intense blacks, which give the image an inimitable aura and a shine guaranteed for 75 years.


Interiors: 40 x 60 cm
Outside: 42 x 62 cm)
Includes a 1 cm white border


Limited Number of Copies: 10


Signed Certificate of Authenticity and Holographic Sticker



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